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1st Preference Mortgage is 30 yrs old this April 2018. There is a reason for this longevity; 1st Preference is different from other Mortgage Companies and other Banks: • Our Loan Officers have a minimum 10 yrs experience • Our Loan Officers work 50-60 hrs a week • Mostly in the evenings and on the weekends • Whether on the phone or in a direct meeting with our Borrowers: • Our loan applications are taken ONE on ONE • We spend the time to answer all the questions of our Borrowers

1st Preference offers ALL mortgage programs, but we take the time with EACH BORROWER to find the best program for each individual; one product does not fit all. Every Borrower has the cell phone of our Loan Officer for follow up questions. Our Loan Officers will make the time to meet with our Borrowers to give them all the information they may need before negotiating with a Seller. Our Loan Officer is not just an email address or a place to leave a voice mail. When our borrowers want to write a contract, our Loan Officer is their partner, they are available to be contacted directly, even on a weekend or in the evening!

Why do you need to contact your Loan Officers when you are about to write a contract? Yes, you have already been Pre-Approved, but you need a letter to put with your contract to say that your specific offer for this specific property is a good offer.

You may be approvable for a $300,000 house, but your offer on this house Is only $271,000. You want your letter to say $271,000; you are negotiating, You don’t want to tell the seller that you can afford more! You want to know your Closing costs and Pre-paids for this particular house in this particular County for this offer. Yes, your pre-paids can change depending on the offer and THE COUNTY. Your taxes can be very different from one county to another. You want to know because you may want to negotiate with the seller to pay them all; you need to give the seller a specific number.

Let’s be Blunt: You see a house with your Realtor on a Saturday afternoon. You sit down and begin to write a contract with your Realtor. Who do you call at 6PM on a Saturday evening at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, or any other Bank or Mortgage Company? You can send an email, and when they get back to you on Monday or later, your house has been sold!


Underwriters Corner

Location: Baltimore, MD

Time: Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm EST

Channel: WCBM 680 AM

Location: San Antonio, TX

Time: Saturdays 5pm - 6pm CST

Channel: KLUP 930 AM

Location: Baltimore, MD

Time: Saturdays Noon - 1pm EST

Channel: WOLB 1080 AM

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Time: Saturdays Noon - 1pm EST

Channel: WHP 580 AM

Location: DC and VA

Time: 11am - Noon

Channel: WMAL 630 AM


1st Preference Mortgage


Under HOME, complete the Quick and Secured Pre-Qualification. It is basic information and takes only a minute. A Loan Officer will email or call you back within 1 hour ! Under the comment section, let the Loan Officer know which you prefer.

The Loan Officer will be happy to talk to you on the phone or if you wish to make an appointment to meet with the Loan Officer at our local office, it is certainly up to you.

THERE IS NO OBLIGATION ON YOUR PART. THERE IS NO COST ON YOUR PART. You have given the Loan Officer some basic information so they know what questions to ask and how best to give you answers.

If you are a first time homebuyer, we highly recommend that you meet with the Loan Officer. You want to know what you are talking about before you begin to negotiate with any seller. It is not just about the Interest Rate; you want to know what you are talking about with the closing costs and pre-paids. You want to know about the different programs available for your situation and also for your particular property. Did you know you can buy a house and borrow EXTRA money to do any repairs or renovations the house may need or just that you may want to do? It is called the Renovation loan. There are programs with not only a small down payment, but also with ZERO down payment. There are programs where you must show enough income to qualify, but actually need NOT A PENNY OUT OF POCKET to purchase your house!

Buying a house should be a happy time, not a nightmare! If you do things in the right order, with the right partner, we promise you a pleasant experience. We will work to become your 1st Preference !


Reverse Mortgage Picture
  • You still own your home.
    • Your monthly interest payment is added to your loan.
  • You make NO monthly payments.
  • You must be at least 62 yrs old.
  • You do not have to qualify.
    • You’re approved based on the value of your home.

The Reverse Mortgage gives you CASH up to 50-60% of the value of your home, depending on your age. If you have a mortgage on your home, we must pay that off and the remainder of the money is yours to do with as you wish. If you have no mortgage on your home, all the CASH is yours to do with as you wish.

Your mortgage loan goes up every month as they add the monthly Interest that you are not paying. This continues as loan as you live in the house.

When you leave the house, your heirs, whom you have chosen, have one year to sell the house and take the difference, as long as the house is still worth more than the loan. If in rare occasions, the house is not worth more than the mortgage, it is not your heirs problem; the house is given to HUD to sell.

You can talk to any of 1st Preference’s Loan Officers to get more information about the Reverse Mortgage, or you can talk directly to The Director of the Reverse Mortgage Program, Charles Cooper. Chuck can also be reached by email:

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